Sunday, March 24, 2013

Where has the time gone...

It's crazy to think that you have the best intentions but never ACTUALLY get around to them..

I've gotten myself in kind of a funk and much to my dismay (and the poor hubby) .. I've been neglecting him (sexually emotionally physically) and myself for that matter.. Not exactly the way a dedicated wife should do SO.. I've had enough of it! I'm Back - and will be better than ever! Tomorrow is just the beginning..

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Business Trip - Part 2

So after making a conscious effort to fall back asleep and continue my previous dream - I fell asleep. My dream continued where it left off, sort of. The room and bedding changed. I was suddenly holding my hand over his mouth as I fucked his tight ass with my fingers. His arms were tied above his head with twine and his legs to the bed posts - similar to four point restraints. He moaned violently and tugged at the ties - looking for any leverage he can get. I moved my hand from his face to his cock and began to stroke it, firm enough to get all of his clear precum to drip from his dick to my hand. I began to lick his ass and as I did this he attempted to grind his ass onto my mouth and tongue. He was becoming uncontrollable and impatient. The more he struggled the more my pussy began to drip and run down my leg. I became so horny that I maneuvered myself in a position, straddling his hips over his hard awaiting cock. I slowly slid him into my wet slit and began to ride him slowly. With each passing moment and each thrust/slide of my hips I became to moan. Quietly at first but progressed to loud satisfying moans. He began to ask my to slow down which only made me grind further and take all of his dick in. He pleaded to let me let him cum but I refused. I slipped his cock out of me and began to stroke it with my hand. Firmly at first then softly. "please baby can I cum" he began to ask. And I chuckled and said no...


Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Business Trip - Part 1

The past week has been rough. I was preparing to leave for a wk to the other side of the country. It was a tough last day - I was sad to go. I considered over-nighting a chasity device to place on my hubby while I was gone. I've encouraged him to hold out - but a week IS a long time for him and it doesn't help that he browses tumblr and arouses himself.. but as long as he doesn't stroke his cock, it's all good with me. I figured that I would post about a dream I had last night since I haven't been able to feel his firm dick inside of me.

I went to bed in my hotel room, yearning to feel him inside of me. I would almost do anything to feel his rock hard cock in my pussy. I went to bed restless.. as I closed my eyes, thinking of all the things he could be doing to me, I feel asleep. I could feel his hot breathe hitting the base of my neck - in an area that I'm sure could bring me to orgasm when he kisses me there. I felt his hands running along my waist gently squeezing and tugging at my skin as he slowly but firmly grinds his hips onto my ass. As he pushed into me I could feel his dick firming, pressing into my ass, making me moan and instinctively tilt my hips upward to allow his hard cock to push into my pussy. He kissed me delicately and grabbed my breasts, caressed them and began to passionately kiss my neck while using his other hand to grab me and hold me where he wanted me. I could feel my pussy become wetter and wetter by the second and h place his hand onto my hip and thrusted himself into me. I slipped my panties off and as I was tilted forward, he forced his dick into my tight pussy. He held me onto his cock by stabilizing my hips, using them as leverage as he pounded my pussy. I could feel every inch of his firm hard shaft as he slid from head to balls, filling every part of me. As a began to moan louder and louder, he grabbed my hair, pulled my head to the side and called me his dirty slut.. He made me beg him to fuck me harder and tell him that my tight cunt belonged to him. I awoke from my sleep - startled and wondered if I had actually be moaning loudly as I did have a co-worker sleeping in the bed next to mine. I touch my pussy and noticed that I was soaking wet - I slipped my two fingers into my mouth to taste my juices. I tasted sweet and my pussy was begging to be filled with his cum. I closed my eyes in an attempt to fall back into my dream.. And I was successful but I'll continue the rest tomorrow night..


Sunday, March 25, 2012

Back from Hiatus

There were several moments that I was attempting to post but never got around to it.. Something always came up. I've been working pretty long days recently and it was taking away from my family and husband time. With the long exhausting hours at work, I was coming home to a increasingly messy home. When I had said something about it, I got an attitude and decided that day that having a WLM was something he enjoyed - so as punishment I toke it away. Everything all together starting the next day. It was hard for me, but I succeeded. I was instantly indecisive, 'bitchy' with no real reason to be, and had no sense of initiative when it came to sex. It was difficult for me - that I will admit, not being able to say what I wanted when I wanted it and how I wanted it.
On top of that he recently injured his knee putting a damper on our exercise plan.. therefore postponing my progress as well. This has bothered me more than anything else I think - and I've been pretty hard to please because of it.
He's come around and I came home to him cleaning the master bathroom. There are quite a few more things that need to be done throughout the house but I'm sure he'll get around to them. We will be going back to a task and reward system but when I think he's ready.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Day 9 - Lesson #5

Soo how do I say this? Yesterday we (my husband and I) started a exercise program - a pretty intense program if I say so myself. Anyhow, as I wrote in my last posting, the HM dropped off our child and came home (with a little bit of drama in between, but I'll spare you those details). We went out to dinner where he continued to explain that his back was killing him. We finished dinner and a few drinks later we followed everyone else to the bowling alley. By the time we arrived home it was 1230a. I had some big plans.. first night to ourselves in a while. No worries about being too loud and waking our child. He complained again to me about his back and I suggested he take a muscle relaxer to help and he did. He suggested that he should take a quick shower (perhaps to prepare for the festivities). By the time he got out I was dressed with a pair of black pantyhose that I had removed the crotch from and put my black stiletto heels back on. I instructed him to give me a back massage while I searched for an appropriate video to watch.. As soon as it got to the nity-grity I was ready to begin BUT he had started to fall asleep. Not yawning kind-of sleepy, but eyes closing, falling over about to pass out sleep. I sarcastically suggested that he go to bed and he ran with it - within minutes he was passed out unconscious. So much for what I had planned!

In the morning, when I woke up and noticed what time it was, I tried to wake him up - successfully (glad I didnt kill him). Told him to lotion up his hands and give me a massage.. again. And he did - a good one too. I began to explain to him the disappointment I had regarding last night. In hind sight, I probably shouldn't have offered my husband (who had about 3 sangrias under his belt) a flexeril.

Any who. As punishment for Thursday and last night, began to randomly slap him on his dick. He continued to maintain it semi-hard. After a few good 'light' wacks and one good firm slap to the top of his dickhead, he buckled to his knees against the bed. He then laid down on our bed where I began to repeatedly punish him - first to his inner thighs near his dick then to his abdomen. I began to tap on his balls one at a time in a quick repetitive motion while he flinched and wiggled. I was determined to NOT stop until he was able to control his body and legs and STOP moving. He was finally able to control himself. I moved onto his torso and legs, making sure he kept as still as could be after each contact (sometimes easier than others).. Here's a photo of the this side of the aftermath.

notice the precum collected on his thigh.

I couldn't believe that his skin could turn that red and I just HAD to take a photo.. or a few of them. He was able to stay in this position for duration of the slapping. I was aroused at how obedient he could be when the threat of pain and tortured loomed in the distance..

His penis fluctuated between flaccid, semi and hard throughout signalling to me that despite his begging and complaints of pain - he was in fact enjoying himself.. I know I was.
he has the perfect sized body for my little hands

When I had decided that he had enough and was ready to stop, he would beg and ask for no more. It was then that I would give him another slap just for suggesting that I stop. He eventually quieted down for now.

I instructed him to go find the belt he wore last night and told him to roll over onto his belly. He did as he was told even though he pouted while he obtained the belt and came back to the bed.

I massaged his butt and gave him a few light taps with the end of the belt - he flinched but wasn't overwhelmed. I slowly increased the amount pressure I inflicted with each new slap of the belt end. I was trying to keep it rhythmic and symmetrical as I tortured him.

Each time he flinched or rolled onto his side and begged for it to stop, I giggled and hit him harder the next time. Other times he was quiet - squeezing the pillows and sheets as if they would absorb the pain he was feeling in that very moment.

I didn't know that I would enjoy causing small amounts of instant pain to him. And the thought that everyone reading this blog also had a part in it was also arousing..

We had kept a daily acknowledgment regarding the votes I was receiving in the poll I created and I made it a point to show him that corporal punishment was winning by a landslide. He knew what was coming - he just didn't know when.

So I continued to tap him with the belt as he was apologizing for falling asleep the night before.

Just when I started to think he had more than he could take and would object to being hit by the belt, I would sit on top of his ass with my wet warm pussy. It would instantly calm him down enough for me to continue.

When I felt I was done I took the rest of this pictures to show him what his back actually looked like..

I laid down beside him and he told me where the 'hot spots' were. I found enjoyment with every single one. I was able to get quite a bit of aggression out by doing this to him so I decided that he may have some to release as well.. Especially after the beating he just endured.

I told him to dominate me, give me that cock just the way he wanted - to fuck my pussy with his dick and make me cum - and he did as he was told.

At one point he began to speak so dirty to me in ways he would have never imagined to prior to today - it turned me on so much to see that some of his inhibitions had vanished. There were a few times that I found him pinching his balls as he fucked me, trying to avoid an orgasm. This made me VERY happy and Very horny.

Somehow he finally told me to get on my hands and knees and suck my pussy juices off of his cock - as I obeyed, I slipped my fingers into he awaiting ass and massaged his prostate making all of his precum flow like water. He became so engorged and began to moan so loudly that I knew he was about to explode. I pressed my fingers firmly deeper into his as and felt him begin to pulsate. He came into my mouth - hot and sweet and salty.

He was so satisfied as I was. I knew he couldn't wait for more. That was this morning / afternoon. Its 1045p and I've been writing this blog for about the past hour.. I know he's appreciative of the opportunity I gave him to fuck me and relieve some of his testosterone because since midway of this blogging - he's been licking and eating my pussy without being told to do so.. Now that's dedication..  A girl could get used to this.

Saturday, March 10, 2012


The HM just went to drop off our child at the babysitter. The plan is to go out to dinner for my sisters birthday with some of her friends. Then I have a few things up my sleeve for tonight.. The HM has had precum dripping down his leg continuously for the last few days.. I plan on taking care of that.. and maybe a little more punishment for the other day.

BTW part 1 of punishment was a ruined orgasm that night (thursday).. just when he thought he might get some, I firmly placed my thumb over his cockhole as he exploded with no other contact. He hated it (and liked it, I think). But he had no sense of relief or satisfaction afterwards.. as a matter of fact his balls are aching now more so than before. He's been a horny little fucker all day today - especially since we showered together and had him shave my legs for me. Ive been teasing him all day including letting him get his dick wet in my pussy only to make him pull out once he sounded like he would erupt.

Too bad, so sad.

Friday, March 9, 2012

re: Punishment

I forgive you.


Well....  some actions have consequences.. 

This was going to be a post dedicated to my husband, to show my appreciation for all the good work he's been doing lately...
HOWEVER, instead.. I discovered today that he was masturbating to some porn, and while I believe that watching porn and masturbating isn't necessarily a bad thing.. it is when you haven't asked for permission.
Last night when I awoke in the middle of the night and saw that he was still awake, browsing through some blogs after his friends had gone home (130a), I was unable to fall back asleep. We engaged in some casual conversation and after an hr or so I still was unable to fall asleep. I figured that the only way I was going to fall asleep was if I was in a very comfortable state, so I began to passionately kiss and tease him making him erect. I straddled him achieving two glorious orgasms (while moving the bed about 2 feet from where it once was). It wasn't easy nor was denying my husband's orgasms. At one point when he was particularly close to cumming, prior to myself, I had him pinch his balls firmly in order to prolong the session - it worked. When I was done he said he didn't need or desire to have an orgasm because his only desire was to ensure that I was satisfied and I was.
With that I went to sleep and so did he. While I was at work today he now says he was very horny throughout the day. He began to view some porn and stroke his hard cock.. when he was near orgasm he says he stopped and realized he was torturing himself because he wasn't going to achieve an orgasm. I do believe that he didn't orgasm (maybe..). Regardless, the only reason he told me was because I asked him specifically while he was in the shower "how many times did you cum today?" and his reply was none but I could tell by the expression on his face that there was more to it. I asked him about the porn watching and his face made an expression resembling one that a young child would make with his hand caught in a cookie jar. He said yes he did. Which I am okay with.. to an extent. That is when I asked him if he jerked off and he told be what I wrote above.

Anyhow I'm upset because  A-he lied by omission  B-its Thursday night tomorrow is Friday and I will be home all weekend and I had some big plans for this weekend, I've been plotting them all week.. and C-I feel like our honor system is null and void because an element of trust that is now gone and I can not afford to purchase a chasity device.

Honestly now I'm left with this void of disappointment.. and the need to punish this bad behavior and mistrust but.. I'm so disappointed and can't think of a suitable punishment that would fill this void.

Any suggestions?